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Travel To China PCR Covid Rapid Test


Make an appointment today with our self scheduler.

urgent care doctors in Anaheim

Go ahead and schedule an Appointment by picking the clinic closest to you with

"COVID TESTING" available.

doctors availability

Choose "COVID-19 PCR Lab" test. We highly recommend to get this test done in the morning from 8am-11:30am. To get the within a 24-48 hour time period.

patients make appointments

Finaling the forms. Complete the "Financial Responsibility form, and COVID-19 Testing Consent Form". Then you are all set to

"Create Appointment" 

doctors appointment

One day before departure

Travel safe

You've made a PCR appointment on the day before your flight. Follow the steps above but make a "COVID-19 PCR Saliva" appointment.

You're all set !

Both your appointments have been made. You will have access to your results on are AiTmed App. 

Aitmed care app
office visit
telemedicine app
Doctors and patients.jpg

Scheduling an appointment is easy !

Simple steps allow you to easily view the test results.

Welcome to AiTmed, make your travel preparation easier!

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