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What is Omicron and How to Protect Yourself and Family

As we dive into our final month of this year, and prepare to close off the year, it is important to stay vigilant of any new COVID-19 information that can potentially impact our safety.

On November 11th, a new variant of COVID-19 was detected in South Africa and has rapidly spread to other countries including the United States. This variant is called Omicron, and is one the many variants of the novel SARS-COVID-19 virus. The Omicron has since been classified as variant of concern as it has nearly three times as many mutations as the Delta Variant; however, many things remain unclear. For example, transmissibility, effectiveness of current vaccines, and severity are still under study.

Most Effective Steps to Reduce the Spread of COVID-19 Virus

1. Keeping a Physical Distance of at least 1 meter from others

2. Wearing a well-fitting mask

3. Open windows to improve ventilation

4. Avoid Poorly Ventilated/Crowded Space

5. Keep Hands Clean

6. Cough into bent elbow or tissue

7. Get vaccinated

PCR tests (Available at A&C Urgent Care) continue to detect infections of COVID-19 including variants including Omicron.

If you may have reason to believe that you or a loved one has contracted COVID-19, or a variant, call us at 562-412-1081 to schedule a COVID -19 Test at any of our two facilities today.

Stay Safe, and Happy Holidays,

Benjamin Nguyen

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