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How to Boost Your Immune System

It’s important now more than ever to take control of your health and build a strong immune system. While the media continues to perpetuate every method of protection under the sun BESIDES taking control of your immune system, it needs to be considered a primary solution; not only for protecting against COVID-19, but to continue to live a long and prosperous life. So, how can you boost your immune system today in order to ensure a stronger tomorrow? The list is plentiful! However, no need to be overwhelmed...We are here to walk you through it every step of the way. Let’s get into it!

Ways to Boost Your Immune System

The immune system is our body’s first line of defence. It’s incredible how powerful it can be on its own, protecting us against all sorts of diseases, infections, and illnesses. It’s undeniable the strength of the system, there’s no doubt about it. However, with a few adjustments to our lifestyle, there is no telling how strong our immune system can get. Below is a list of the many ways you can begin to boost your immune system. While we won’t get into detail about all of them, we will certainly focus on a couple of the most important: • Stop smoking! If you don’t smoke, certainly don’t start... • Get your beauty sleep! Adequate rest is vital to our overall well-being • Minimize stress! If you don’t already know, stress kills. Do what you can to mediate it • Eat a healthy diet! Well-rounded, whole food, plant-based • Exercise! Sweat! Release those endorphins! • Hydrate! We all know our bodies are made up of water • Anything that emits a hormetic (hormesis) response - cold shower, fasting, etc.

Nutrition & Immunity

A healthy immune system requires proper nourishment. On the contrary, malnourishment, or nutrient deficiencies, are the devils advocate to the immune system. By making a lifestyle shift and improving your overall diet, you simultaneously introduce micronutrients into your body that are vital for a thriving immune system. A few notables here are: Vitamin C, Zinc, Vitamin B, Vitamin D, and Iron. Vitamin C, for example, plays a large role in the maintaining the integrity of cells. Without getting too scientific, this protects against things like inflammation and infection. {RDA: 70-90 mg for adults / UL: 2000mg for adults} Likewise, Zinc plays an additional key role in fighting off toxins and boosting your immune system function. {RDA: 8-11 mg for adults / UL: 40mg for adults}


It’s no surprise that exercise is the backbone of any healthy lifestyle. We all know that it has been shown to improve a number of vital health markers and it elicits an important biological response known as: hormesis.

At its most basic, hormesis is a process by which the introduction of a mild toxin or stressor (i.e. exercise in this case) actually results in a positive biological response. In other words, there is such thing as “good stress”. It’s no secret that exercise has a strong correlate to a healthy, strong immune system, so get moving!


While there is nothing yet proven to protect against COVID-19 in particular, taking proactive steps towards boosting your immune system is the most logical, effective thing that you can do.

If you have any further questions or concerns about your immune system, COVID-19, or any other medical/health inquiry, don’t hesitate to book a doctors visit at your convenience! We are here to help you in any and every way that we can. Further, we do provide COVID-19 testing here at our medical facility. It’s important that we provide our patients with the support and resources that they so desperately need, especially in the world that we are currently living in. Hope to hear from you soon! Now go out there and get healthy!

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